The TURTLE vacuum pump allows vacuuming to be done in one single step. When you press the “Start” button, vacuuming begins automatically and it is not necessary to keep pressing the button, Turtle vacuum pump will stop automatically once the vacuuming is finished. This auto-stop and auto-pop up features guarantee optimal air extraction. The users do not need to guess when will be the right time to stop the vacuum pump. The TURTLE will use its sensor control and vacuum power to do it for you.

Main Features:

The TURTLE vacuum pump’s ergonomic design and small size allows easy storage anywhere in your kitchen. The TURTLE vacuum pump lid integrates a hanger for a more comfortable use.

The LED indicator will let you know when it is in operation and when batteries need to be changed.

The TURTLE vacuum pump is cable-free which makes it easy to use and store. It has a powerful vacuuming ability but low energy consumption. It operates on 4 x AA batteries. The life span of the batteries is between 250 and 300 uses based on a 600ml canister. Battery lifespan will also depend on the amount of food in the canister. Choosing the right size canister for the amount of food to be stored will optimize the batteries’ life span. Changing batteries is extremely simple:


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