Why use FOSA™ vacuum storage system?

The idea to create the best vacuum storage system to preserve food was born at a Paella Championship in the Valencia Region, in Spain. A group of top Chefs got together after the Paella Championship and brainstormed what to be improved on the existing vacuum storage systems in the market. They were unhappy with the lack of designs, short lifespan and inconvenient usage of the existing products available for home and commercial use. In fact, Paella, same as Risotto or Pasta, should not be stored in vacuum bags as the rice will solidify and gets compacted. The result of this brainstorming session took place together with the founders of Fosa Home and was the beginning of the FOSA™ vacuum storage system for optimal food preservation.


Why use FOSA™ vacuum storage system?

FOSA™ System Advantages

Turtle: sistema de conservación de alimentos al vacio

TURTLE: our smart vacuum pump

Our TURTLE vacuum pump offers great advantages, not only because of its ergonomic and compact design but also for its friendly use. It allows vacuuming of FOSA™ canisters in one single step: place the TURTLE on the canister lid and press the “Start” button. Once the vacuuming is finished, it stops automatically. Learn more about TURTLE  here.

Our FOSA™ hermetic canisters:

Our FOSA™ hermetic canisters are designed to optimize refrigerator space catering to each family’s storage needs. We have designed different sizes of canister, ranging from the largest (2850 ml) which allows vertical storage in refrigerator door, to the smallest (600 ml) which is ideal for storing individual sized portions. Learn more about our canisters here.


FOSA™ | Food vacuum storage system
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