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At FOSA Home we have designed a range of airtight canisters for better food preservation for the whole family. Besides being made of BPA-free plastics, the canisters are completely stackable and their sizes are designed to meet the needs of various foods.

Canister Set for vacuum storage:

Canister set “A”


Model nr. 12850
Dimensions: ø130 x 284 mm
Capacity: 2850 ml
Presentation: 1 u x 2850 ml

Canister set “B”


Model nr. 21350
Model nr. ø130 x 143 mm
Capacity: 1350 ml
Presentation: 2 u x 1350 ml

Combo set


Model nr. 40000
Model nr. ø130 x 284-72 ml
Capacity: 1350 ml  – 600 ml
Presentation: 1 u x 1350 ml 2 ud x 600 ml

Canister set “C”


Model nr. 30850
Dimensions: ø130 x 95 mm
Capacity: 850 ml
Presentation: 3 ud x 850 ml

Canister set “D”


Model nr. 40600
Dimensions: ø130 x 72 mm
Capacity 600 ml
Presentation: 4  x 600 ml


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