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The best vacuum storage system

FOSA™ vacuum storage system keeps food fresh by pumping air out of canisters and creating a vacuum environment.  FOSA™ helps to preserves freshness, flavour, and nutrients while preventing premature spoilage and food decay. FOSA™ vacuum storage system helps to keep food fresh up to 5X longer.

Comparative food storage in the refrigerator at 4C after 5 days


Conserva tus ensaladas al vacio

With FOSA™  Without FOSA™


Conservar carne al vacío, Fosa Home

With FOSA™  Without FOSA™


Conservar fruta al vacío, FosaHome

With FOSA™  Without FOSA™


Conservar pan al vacío, FosaHome

With FOSA™  Without FOSA™

Turtle: our smart vacuum food storage system

Turtle: sistema de conservación de alimentos al vacio
  • One step operation:

    • Place TURTLE vacuum pump on top of the FOSA™ canister Lid
    • Press the “Start” button once, the pump will operate automatically.
    • The pump will stop automatically once finished.
    • Battery operated, 4 x AA batteries.
  • Intelligent and Automatic:

    • Hands-free design.
    • Auto-vacuum level sensor.
    • Auto-stop.
    • Auto-popup.

Canister Set:

At FOSA™ Home we have designed a range of hermetic canisters that offers extended food preservation time. We have meticulously studied our customers’ needs to offer the most useful canister sets.


FOSA™ | Food vacuum storage system
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